Who Are We?

We are the Charming Charlatans, master mingling entertainers extraordinaire. We have the combined experience of over 40 years in entertainment, which includes holding audience attention around the world.

From celebrities to top corporations, we have brought a laugh and a smile to them all. Wit, charm and expert sleight of hand gives a personal moment of astonishment to every guest, treating each one as a friend and the star of the evening.

What Do We Do?

We make the couple the star of the show, both figuratively or literally if they want! We go to each individual, group, or table and deliver fast-paced witty entertainment during the quieter parts of the event. Our performances are completely customizable to the clients’ needs, some of the effects include reading your guest’s minds, sleight of hand, objects appearing and vanishing in someone’s hand, predictions of the future, and much much more! You’ll hear laughter, you’ll see smiles, and minds will be blown!

When Do We Perform?

The cocktail hour is the time when the bridal party is off taking photos, leaving the guests to play the waiting game. This is a crucial time when people usually don’t interact with anyone that they don’t know-allow us to introduce the different groups together through the power of laughter and astonishment! The goal of our team is to keep the excitement of the day at a peak!

Already got your pictures out of the way? Not a problem, we offer an after dinner show for the whole crowd! We also offer table to table performances for a more intimate experience. Whatever the request may be, the Charming Charlatans have the perfect match for your needs!

Will It Match My Theme?

Absolutely! Our performers want to bring your dream to life. We cater to the theming and needs of each couple, knowing how unique and special this day will be.

When we say we can complement your dream wedding, we mean it! Our specialty is making your day magical.

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The Charming Charlatans